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15 Best Cockfosters Restaurants

Cockfosters is a residential part of the London Borough of Enfield located near Enfield’s border with Barnet. This part of North London is known as one of the most expensive to live in. It’s expensive not just because of the high prices charged by some the local restaurants but because of the high prices of houses and flats of Cockfosters. This part of London is not as densely populated as most of other parts of the capital.  There are 19 Cockfosters Restaurants and bars along the High Road offering the variety of cuisines, styles, prices and opening hours, making this culinary cluster in North London very special. As a locally based team of plumbers we decided to write a report titled:  ’15 Best Cockfosters Restaurants Enfield’. One of our team is a frequent guest to most of the Cockfosters restaurants and bars and here on this website he is going to share his opinion about his favourite place to eat in this part of Enfield.

15 Best Cockfosters Restaurants Enfield

The criteria used for the making of this list are simple. We’ve listed all the bars, bakeries, cafes and 15 Best Cockfosters Restaurants Enfield in the order of their location at Cockfosters Road. However, the quality of food, service or the price is not a factor considered in the way all the entities are listed here.

Brooklyn’s Grill Cafe and Restaurant

Brooklyn’s Grill Cafe and Restaurant opens early in the morning. The menu consists of the English and Continental breakfasts, wraps and sandwiches for the meat eaters and the vegetarians. During the day you can come here to have your lunch or dinner. There are ready cooked meals such as lasagnas, cottage pies, roast pork and beef as well as the grill dishes including the loved by everyone grilled halloumi cheese served with salad and fresh bread. The female waiters at Brooklyn’s are sexy, friendly and very helpful. The kitchen staff are professional, look clean and elegant and they great you as soon as you enter this restaurant.

Heddons – Corporate Catering – Teas & Coffees and Sandwich Bar

Heddons is a sandwich bar that specialises in catering for the locals as well as for the local companies offering them comprehensive catering services. It has a special offer designed for companies where managers can organise the management meetings or team development parties accompanied by delicious food and drinks prepared by Heddons, either at Heddons or in places selected by the corporate clients.

This sandwich bar opens early and normally if you come here in the morning you will be glad to see the locals enjoying their breakfasts. You can expect a fast service and all the foods sold here to be freshly prepared. The chef will be happy to prepare your breakfast, sandwich or any other meal you wish just the way you like it.

All you have to do is go to the bar ask for the chef and tell him exactly what you want. There won’t be any ifs or buts or no unnecessary questions from the chef. The chef would be happy to prepare your meal exactly as requested by you as long as he’s got the right ingredients for it.

La Petite Auberge – the French Place in Cockfosters

La Petite Auberge is a French Cockfosters Restaurant. It’s a well established business. In addition to their place in Cockfosters there’s another La Petite Auberge in Islington. This business exists for more than 10 years and since their inception they worked hard to establish the perfect working routines to please even the most fussy of Londoners. Unlike other 15 Best Cockfosters Restaurants Enfield, at the La Petite Auberge you can have something to eat throughout the day and drink alcoholic beverages. This restaurant opens on daily basis from 9 a.m. and closes it’s doors at 11 p.m. On Sunday’s this place closes at 10 p.m. and on Saturdays closes at 11:30 p.m. The menu consists of the French contemporary cuisine adjusted to the tastes of the North Londoners.

Middeys Brasserie and Lounge Bar

Middeys is a middle sized bar serving quick meals and alcoholic beverages. The menu is somehow simple as it includes sandwiches, omelettes and burgers. The best part of Middeys is the cosy interior and decoration. It’s lovely to be here even if you’re not particularly hungry. The alcoholic drinks are not too expensive and the bar staff seem to be very experienced. Also the customers can stay indoors to consume their meals or order the food for takeaway.

Chippers Seafood Restaurant

Chippers Seafood Restaurant specialises in the traditional fish and chips, cod roe and other deep fried sea foods. You can choose to stay and eat your fish and chips indoors or simply order it to take it away with you if you like.

Chippers Seafood Restaurant is not a typical Fish & Chips Cockfosters Restaurant. This one is more elegant than any other located in this part of Enfield with prices of their foods similar to those less sophisticated chippy’s in Enfield. If you come here in the morning or in the afternoon you will be served very quickly, probably you are going to get your fish and chips within one minute of your arrival.

If you however come here between 5 and 8 p.m. you might need to wait for your fish as this restaurant is very busy in the evenings. There are times when the people must queue for the fish.

Miracles Restaurant in Cockfosters

Miracles Cafe and Restaurant in Cockfosters is another cosy place designed not only to please your tongue but to please your eyes as well. Fantastic service and a typical for this part of London menu, makes Miracles a perfect choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can find here traditional meat meals, pancakes and there’s also something for the vegetarians as well.

Moonlight Cafe Restaurant and Grill

Moonlight Cafe Restaurant and Grill, as the name suggests is a place where you can have a grilled meals. If you are bored of the fish and chips, cottage pie and foods sold by other Cockfosters Restaurants, the Moonlight cafe is a must visit. Also the menu consists of the great selection of grilled meals, cooked vegetables, desserts, hot drinks and beverages. The chef responsible for the menu has many years of experience in working in cafes and restaurants around London. So, his contribution to the menu as well as the hard work of other staff members makes the Moonlight worth you going to.

Prezzo Cockfosters

Who does not know Prezzo? These Italian restaurants are ubiquitous in London. The one located in Cockfosters is the special one because it organises live music from time to time for their guests. The menu changes on monthly or sometimes on a weekly basis. The pizza is probably the best one in London.

Prezzo, unlike their competitors such as Pizza Express or Pizza Hut has a special character. Especially, their foods taste like they were prepared by an Italian family. Also they are delicious well seasoned and look very good. In addition, from 15 Best Cockfosters Restaurants Enfield, Prezzo is strongly recommended by your expert plumbers in Local Plumbing Enfield Company. Please don’t be discouraged by the black car parked in front of Prezzo. This Cockfosters Restaurant is not only for the London Chavs. This places welcomes everyone!

Ristorante Italiano AlFresco

Ristorante Italiano AlFresco directly competes with Prezzo. At AlFresco you can organise your birthday party and invite your family and friends for it. The foods on the menu range from a typical Italian meals such as pizzas and pastas, as well as meat and fish dishes and delicious Italian desserts. Fridays and Saturdays nights this restaurant is very busy and it can be very noisy but in a very positive way. The waiters are polite, fast and helpful, the service is great and their house white is one of the best in the area. We recommend that you come here only if you are very hungry because the portions are very generous.

Simmons Bakery in Cockfosters

From 15 Best Cockfosters Restaurants Enfield, Simmons is a traditional bakery in Cockfosters. This place is fantastic if you want your sandwich to be prepared with freshly baked bread or buns. At Simmons there is a deli counter displaying a selection of cheeses and hams so you can request your sandwich to be prepared for you the way you like it. Hot drinks such as coffees and teas are also available.

Sweet Cherry Chinese Restaurant

Sweet Cherry Chinese Restaurant is the only Chinese restaurant in Cockfosters and it is also one of the 15 Best Cockfosters Restaurants Enfield. It’s not too posh but the food prepared by their chef is known to the locals as tasty. Typically this restaurant sells mainly all of those things that the Londoners usually see another Chinese restaurants in their city. The crispy duck with plum sauce and the sweet and sour chicken are the best sellers. In addition, the amazing thing about all the Chinese restaurants in Enfield is that the food prepared by them tastes more or less the same. Is it because all the Chinese chefs were thought how to cook by the same chef master? Or maybe because most of those restaurants sells pre-prepared in China meals?

Tandoori Nights Restaurant

The only Indian Restaurant in Cockfosters serving typical Indian meals that are usually preferred by males. Many women complain about the Indian food in general (not just the one to buy at this restaurant) that the food is too hot for them. Also Tandoori Nights Restaurant specialises in Chicken Tikka Masala and other traditional Indian foods usually not found in other Cockfosters Restaurants. So, we love and much prefer Tandoory Nights for the quality of their curries and the fantastic customer service.

Vanilla Patisserie in Cockfosters

Vanilla Patisserie is one of the 15 Best Cockfosters Restaurants Enfield. It sells all the sweet stuff the people love. Such as, brownies, cakes, apple pies accompanied with hot drinks. Also you can even have sandwiches and salads. All the foods including cakes are prepared freshly on daily basis. So, the customers have a choice of staying in and having their cakes with hot coffee or simply to order birthday cakes to be taken away.

Deraliye Restaurant

The Turkish restaurants are dominating North London and Cockfosters is not an exception to it. The Londoners love Turkish cuisine because this kind of food is both tasty and healthy. A typical Turkish meal is a grilled kebab with rice or couscous accompanied with fresh Mediterranean salad. At Deraliye in addition to the high quality of food, the service is also top notch. Cockfosters Restaurants find it hard to compete with the Turkish restaurants because the Turks are very hard working and are happy to work harder for their customer’s satisfaction.

The Blue Olive Restaurant

The Blue Olive is one of the 15 Best Cockfosters Restaurants Enfield run by the Greek family. Also this is the first Greek restaurants in North London. The Blue Olive is a great success! It’s been trading in Cockfosters for over 10 years.  In addition, the restaurant specialises in seafoods and delicious healthy Greek cuisine and wine. When you come here expect it to be busy,  on Friday evening and Saturday evening even very busy.  So, booking your table is recommended. Some dishes such as the seafood platter can be overwhelming not just by its size but the way it is presented and served. Also the locals use the Blue Olive Restaurant to host birthday parties.

Accordingly, we hope you like and find helpful our list of 15 Best Cockfosters Restaurants Enfield. If you live in other part of Enfield and would rather not to travel to Cockfosters to have your perfect restaurant meal and instead would like to look for a good restaurant in Enfield near you, why not reading the related posts listed below. Also we cover, with our guide to the best restaurants other parts of Enfield as well including; Enfield Town Enfield Chase, Enfield Lock, Ponders End, Edmonton and Palmers Green.

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