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Boiler Repair Enfield

Looking for a skilled engineer to deal with your faulty boiler? In need of a boiler service? Then you’re on the right page.

Gas Engineer Enfield

If your boiler begins to malfunction, when you least expect it, this would no doubt ruin your day until you manage to get it fixed. At a time like this, you might think fixing the boiler on your own would work instead of calling a boiler engineer Enfield. But, taking this responsibility on board without resorting to a professional engineer to help you sort it out will only bring about bigger problems. You would be putting yourself and our loved ones in danger if your boiler is improperly mishandled. A gas engineer Enfield is therefore, recommended. A boiler specialist is the only designated person to repair or replace a boiler. These boiler engineers are reliable and very knowledgeable in answering your queries. Therefore, if you are looking for a heating engineer Enfield, please refer to our site to get more details. Another good thing is that we offer services at affordable prices.

If you are searching for boiler repair in Enfield, you have come to the right place! Plumbers Enfield is a local team of plumbing and heating engineers providing repair and maintenance to homes and businesses across the district. We can get your faulty boiler back up and running, restoring your heating and hot water quickly. Our engineers are also here to fit new boilers and carry out your regular service check. To book a boiler repair appointment with our plumbers, contact Plumbers Enfield today. Our boiler service in Enfield is by Boiler Solutions.

At the same time, you can also learn about our other services such as boiler installation North London by visiting our homepage.

Boiler Servicing Enfield

When you have a problem with your boiler, the first step is usually to carry out a boiler service. Boiler servicing in Enfield is available from Plumbers Enfield, so call to arrange a visit. The boiler inspection will diagnose any faults or potential issues. Even if there are no specific problems, the service check can ensure best efficiency from your system. You should book boiler servicing at least once every 12 months, and also when you suspect there might be a problem with your boiler.
Boiler servicing covers a range of different steps, including:

  • Checking the boiler controls and the thermostat
  • Inspecting valves and other parts for wear and tear
  • Assessing the water level and pressure gauge
  • Inspecting the flue and ventilation
  • Adding or removing water as required
  • Cleaning the boiler parts thoroughly

This can effectively repair the boiler in many cases, or at least highlight a problem that needs repairing. If you are having boiler trouble, call Plumbers Enfield and book a service visit now!

Call Now for Boiler Repair in Enfield

Need a plumber to take care of your boiler? Looking to upgrade your boiler and need an engineer to take care of this? From emergency boiler repair to your annual service check, we have you covered. Contact us to get your free quote with no obligation, and to arrange a visit from the Plumbers Enfield engineers.


Boiler Repair Service Enfield

Whether you notice an issue with your boiler or the problem is diagnosed during your service, prompt boiler repair is essential for a healthy and efficient system. The best approach to boiler care is to tackle small issues before they have a chance to worsen, and you can do this with our boiler repair service in Enfield. We have plumbing engineers ready and waiting to take your call and tackle your boiler problem.

Emergency Boiler Repair Enfield

We always offer a timely response to any boiler repair request, but sometimes you need immediate help. That is why we also offer emergency boiler repair in Enfield. This same day callout service ensures you get fast, professional repairs as soon as a major boiler fault arises, getting your heating and hot water systems back up and running.

Our emergency boiler repair engineers can help with:

  • Leaking pipes and radiators
  • Suspected gas leaks
  • Loss of hot water and/or heating
  • Complete boiler breakdown

Being stuck without heating or hot water is a serious issue – especially during the cold winter months. We understand that you need help quickly. That is why we offer same day emergency boiler repair in Enfield. Call now to request a visit from our emergency plumbers!

Boiler Installation Enfield

When boilers break down, we do all we can to get them up and running again. However, sometimes an appliance is beyond saving, especially with an older system. Our boiler repair engineers can also provide boiler installation in Enfield, supplying and fitting high quality appliances from leading manufacturers. We are gas-safe trained and registered, and we can install your new boiler in line with the manufacturer’s warranty. All workmanship is covered by our own guarantee as well, so you know you are in safe hands.


Q? Why is my heating not working properly?

A. One of the most common problems with hot water heating is a pressure fault in the boiler. Boilers might have too little pressure, meaning more water needs adding to the system, or too much, requiring some to be let out. Other issues include the pilot light not igniting, a leak in a radiator, or a thermostat problem. Plumbers Enfield can resolve all these issues!

Q? Why is carbon monoxide such a problem?

A. The gas fuel that powers your boiler can leak if there is a fault, but it has a strong smell that should be immediately noticeable, allowing you to call for help right away. Carbon monoxide is a different toxic gas which can come from faulty boilers, but it is more subtle. A boiler repair technician will know how to spot the signs and keep you safe.

Q? Are your plumbers qualified and licensed?

A. Plumbers Enfield is proud to say that all of our engineers are gas-safe registered, which means we are authorised to work with gas appliances like your hot water boiler. We have decades of experience between us, and our engineers hold various qualifications in all aspects of plumbing and heating work.

Q? Why do I need boiler servicing every year?

A. The main function of a boiler inspection is to ensure the appliance is safe to use. Faulty boilers can be very dangerous, so you need a skilled engineer to check it over regularly. Servicing can also extend the life of your boiler, and prevent the need for expensive emergency boiler repair - or full boiler replacement. Don’t skip your annual service!